is anyone there

I’ve been writing this blog for going on 17 years now, ie I started it when I was like 24 YEARS OLD and I thought it’d be funny if in my ‘writer’s headshot’ I was holding an accordion even though I cannot and could not play the accordion, so that when people asked me if I played the accordion I could say, NO I’M JUST HOLDING ONE, because that was my sense of humor, at the time and also now. 17 years, and I’ve gone from writing on here every day, to every other day, to now every like 4-5 days if I’m lucky, so I’m taking my biannual moment to wonder, who is reading this? Does this matter to anyone but me? And does THAT matter? I think having a second kid has officially put my brain at capacity, and I did have to use the calculator on my phone to figure out how old I was 17 years ago. What would be lost if I just stopped or left this space, even for a while? Sometimes I look at my ‘blog metrics?’ and from what I can tell, either 40 or 400 people read this a day (I actually can’t tell.) Out of curiosity, I want to try this: if you read this blog and it matters to you even in a small way, email me just ME! at, or comment ME! on this post, and I promise to figure out how to read the comments. Family need not respond, love you family. And we’ll see where we are. BYE EVERYONE / NO ONE!


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  1. Jeannie says:

    Me! Pls stay!

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