your body

I’ve found that since I’ve lost weight I really want people to notice, like I really crave that affirmation / validation because I’ve worked really hard and it’s probably about 2 metric tons of bread that I haven’t eaten and person I’ve only met once, the least you could do is say WOW, YOU LOOK THIN! But I realize that’s actually a very weird thing to expect. No one looks at your body as much as you do, except maybe your partner or physical therapist. Expecting someone to notice that your body has changed presumes that they spend any time at all looking or thinking about your body, and if this person DID spend that time, it would actually be creepy, invasive and wrong. It all brings me back to a constant centering thought that can pull you out of most spirals: no one is thinking about you as much as you. You are your own worst critic, so why not be your own greatest advocate okay? YOU LOOK GREAT, I say to my reflection in the gas station window. THANK YOU, my self says back to myself. THANK YOU FOR NOTICING.

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