Short Plays

Most Scripts are totally available upon request.


This Night (2w) Lucy and Roberta don’t seem to share much more than a high school.  But one evening in the parking lot outside a movie theatre can change their perspectives on a lot of things.

We Be All Night (1m, 1w) After a concernt, JayZ and Beyonce unwind, or try.


Cuddle-(1m / 1w) two lonely co-workers take to secret, anonymous cuddling in the office place – until one of them takes it too far.

Roberta Laughs – (2 m / 1 w) Roger doesn’t know his Grandma very well – but he’s decided to take up the accordian, a gift from her, to impress girls. But when Roberta is close to death – Roger tries to Know her.

Like – (2 f, 1 dude) – on a date with her happy couple friends, a girl tries to stop saying Like.

One Acts

Fucking Art (1M, 1F) – Gal, the hot girl from High School, visits a terminally ill classmate, determined to take his virginity.

Winner, Sam french short play festival, 2008.

I have it (1F 1M.) A positively awful and wonderful first date. Positively. (Coming soon! I Have it the short film, spring 2009!)

The Pulitzer Prize for Drama (2 M, 4F) A young playwright finds out he’s been nominated and freaks the H out – escaping the Prague to track down the 12 year old playwright he’s up against.

Pretty Pretty and the Asshead McGee – (1F, 1M) – a celebrity stumbles into an eyeglass store after having swallowed her contacts, and falls for the homely optomotrist. Inspired by Midsummer’s Bottom.

Home (1M, 1F) – a temp worker disturbs the Home of an international businessman.

Sick (4F 4M) – B drags her promiscuous best friend E with her to the clinic to get tested after an unfortunate drunken encounter with Birthday Man. As the two girls are stuck waiting for their test results, they are haunted by their previous sexual encounters, and confronted with the realities of their futures. Winner, Sam French short play festival, 2006.

Mom, Stoned (3F) –  Bess, frustrated with her sexually repressed Mother and Grandmother, takes the Thanksgiving turkey hostage, forcing them all to be honest with each other about their carnal desires.

Space (3F 1M) – Tim spends his days indoors perfecting his myspace page. When his girlfriend, finally fed up with his inaction, abandons him, his loneliness leads him on a treacherous journey of online seduction that takes from Lebanon to high school to Lebanon to eye-opening humiliation. See full length version as well!

Happy Birthday/I’m Dead (1F 1M) – Eliza comes home shit canned on her birthday to her empty apartment, but finds it occupied by a mysterious stranger who claims to be her husband from the future.

Green (2F 4M) – Clint returns home from Iraq and attempts to regain a sense of normalcy; but haunting memories of Iraqi boys, guns and cigarettes make this extremely difficult.

Happen (4F 1M) A young woman, with the assistance of Marvin (that guy who beat her in the third grade spelling bee, which ruined her life) calls upon various scenes from her life to illustrate that nothing has ever truly happened to her. The third play I ever wrote! Terrifying! Hurray!

Ten minute Plays

Crank That (1 M, 1F). Hubby and Sweetie, our favorite married couple,  are at it again. This time, they are Booty dancing. Or Sweetie Wants to, at least.

Stuff (2F) A lonely, bitter lady accuses the maid of theft.

Leviticus (1M, 1W) – Church camp. Virginity. Also, some Questions.

Dead Soap – (2M, 1F) -an eager newbie soap star first day on the set is much more unsettling than he ever expected.

Let’s all say Asinine Things (2F) – An eighteen year old is pressured into registering to vote as a democrat by a friend, who might be a Zombie.

The Bedmaker’s Revenge – (2F, 1M) – A couple fights over their morning routine. A disgruntled sleep fairy narrates.

The Easy Way to Quit Smoking – (2F, 1M) – 24 hours into cold turkey quitting, a young woman is visited by her son from the future, who begs her to quit.

Daddy took my Debt Away (2M, 1F)  – two recent college grads with massive debt find themselves working for a student loan debt collector. When a girl calls into pay off her loans entirely – their training gets thrown out the window.

Dishwar / How are you (2M) – 2 roommates – one depressed, the other busy – brawl over the dishes collecting in the sink.

Arms (2F 1M) – Sis and Sam are two recently separated Siamese Twins. They rendez-vous late one Halloween night in the neighborhood park of their childhood. Sam wants to move on; Sis cannot.

Help me, Save Me
(2F 2M) – ‘’Tragedy’ and Tragedy are delightfully juxtaposed as two young women lament their troubles at a Genocide fundraiser at an East Village Bar.

Marriage Play (1F 1M) – Hubbie and Sweetie have their marriage routine nailed: hello, kiss, sasauges.  But tonight, Sweetie has a secret to tell her Hubbie that she can longer contain.

Something True (2 ACTOR, NEUTRAL) – It is My job to make You Cry, but whatever I Do, I Cannot. A small, mildly embarrassing and poetic look at what it is to Write Truthfully.

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