Miscarriage Bear

A.) Enough lovely people sent me messages that they read and enjoy this blog, particularly working moms type people (HI MOMS, YOU GOT THIS MOMS!) and so I’ll absolutely keep leaving my thoughts here, which leads me to B.) Miscarriage Bear, a big silly pink bear that Morrison brought home for me from the grocery store after one of our losses. I was in bed and in tears when he surprised me with it and it was probably one of the nicest things that anyone had ever done for me, and I grabbed it and held like my future child, and here we are some years later, and both kids love this Bear. And when I see them holding it there are these tiny breathtaking moments of where we once were, and how far we’ve come. And it’s my constant prayer that even when I’m stressed / overwhelmed / tired / hungry / frustrated, that it all never be lost on me. The bear helps.

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