The end

Tuesday night, After 148 days on strike, the writers guild FINALLY BUT ALSO SUDDENLY reached a deal with the AMPTP. It ended as it began: I looked at my phone, said and felt huh, well, like getting an email that the world had begun, or it was over, then my brain shifted to something kid related. It’s a fantastic deal all things considered, with gains and guarantees and protections so we won’t be just like, you know, casually replaced by robots, tho I’d like to see a robot re-card the C story in legible handwriting for the 49th time without crying or take the note ‘make it hipper’ without murdering. I’m so proud of and thankful for my guild for protecting its members and not compromising where it mattered most. While I’ve always felt lucky to be a tv writer, to get paid to write at all (a GREAT headspace if you want to be taken advantage of) the strike has reminded me of my value, my rights, and the rights of all employees. Not to make this a scene from Newsies, but EVEN THE KIDS WHO SELL PAPES DESERVE DIGNITY, FAIR WAGES AND RESPECT! Now Onto the SAG fight. 👊

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