sometimes me

A friend sent Joe and Bob this book and I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t think Joe would be into it, given that there’s no cars inside, but look, don’t but your kids in boxes, literally or otherwise, because the last few nights at bedtime he has requested THE HEART BOOK. It’s a sweet, sweet book about all of the different things a heart can feel: sad, happy, shy, brave. As we go through each page, we talk about why a person, or a crocodile? Might be angry or sad. Joe thumps his chest with one hand like a backstreet boy and says, Sometimes me. It’s our first adult conversation. It’s a chance for me to tell him that I get sad when I’m not with him, and when I can’t help him, and I don’t say this, but when I think about sending him to elementary school and that school becomes one of the schools that makes the news because there’s someone with a gun inside, I get very scared. I don’t say it because it’s too much, But I think it inside, and the crocodile tied to my hot air balloon cries for it all.

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