Do you have any questions for the doctor? YES, WHEN. When will my uterus return to its normal size? When should I start dinner? When can I workout again, when can I work again? When can I zip my old pants? When will I feel like enough again? When should she sleep through the night? When is she old enough for me to start apologizing to her, and what about Him? When can I take them to the zoo? When can I take a breath or just a walk? When can I watch TV with my husband? When will my heart return to its normal size, and while I have you, what is normal?


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  1. marinanashed1488 says:

    I strongly feel your words. I’m a mom of two under two, the younger is 4 months old and I’m always asking the same question “when”?! When am I going to feel like myself again? When can I have a moment to relax? When can I spend some quality time with my husband? It’s very hard. Thank you for conveying every dedicated mother’s feelings and thoughts with the world. I hope you get your answers and I wish you the best.
    Stay strong 💪 you can do it ❤️

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