helper guy

My new favorite thing that Joe runs around the house shouting is I’M A HELPER GUY!!!!!!!! While he WILL fly into a blind rage if you give him the wrong waffle or cheese, he’s kind and he listens and he’s rational, most of the time, ie, today, or for the past five minutes. Like most kids (and people?) He just wants to help. Crack the egg, sweep the floor, select the new furniture, put things in the trash. I’M A HELPER GUY. It’s probably just a desire to be a part of the world, but I’ll call it his saint like nature and our flawless parenting, or what it actually is: CONTROL. In helping, we’re a part of things, and an important one. May we all be helper guys, even if it’s ultimately selfish, may we let Helping keep us grounded, and sane, and dear God, may no EVER BRING US THE WRONG WAFFLE.

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