two plates of beignets

I think if you try hard enough, you can find a reason to make any day special for some random reason, but TODAY I declare special because I’m nine months pergernant and my pegenenancy app says that this girl is about the size of TWO PLATES OF BEIGNETS. I thought this French bakery setting would be hilarious and cute, it’s mostly been confusing? But I DO know what beignets are. This girl is getting named after my Grandma, who used to visit us from New Orleans and make us Cafe du Monde Beignet for breakfast. I didn’t invent naming children after grandparents / lost family members but it’s one of my favorite things that humans do, it’s a way to keep them alive, and young, forever, and while I have you in my sentiments, WHERE ARE THE BEIGNETS, GHOST GRANDMA WILL YOU PLS COME MAKE THEM FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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