a few good blackberries

I just need to confess slash document this here: when Joe eats blackberries, he decides that some blackberries are good and some blackberries are bad. (To me, there is no discernible difference between the good ones and the bad ones, but live your life, Joe.) Sometimes he doesn’t decide that a blackberry is bad until it’s fully in his mouth, and once he tastes its truth, he spits it out into his bib. Given inflation etc etc and the fact that a container of nice blackberries is currently about 47 dollars, I have taken to rescuing these ‘bad’ blackberries, some of which have already been in his mouth, and storing them in little ziplock bags so I can use them in a smoothie. This is how much Joe and I are one, this is how gross we are, this is how much the word gross no longer even exists.

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