what is thunder

It started storming here this morning around 4 AM, which happens in LA about, once a year? I stayed awake, worrying that the thunder would wake Joe up. I laid there planning out how I’d explain thunder to him. Would I tell him that thunder is God going bowling, which someone once told me, and it stuck? No, it’s clouds bumping together. Or is it? What is it actually? Maybe it IS God, but he’s coughing, he’s got a dust or people allergy, he’s got worries caught in his throat. I went back to sleep and woke up Googling, what is thunder really? Turns out it’s actually the air heating up after a lightning strike, expanding and contracting. Add this to the list of things I don’t know, that I really should, that I will force myself to learn, for Joe. Outside, the world rumbled and shook and coughed. Joe slept in, slept through it all, with no questions, or concerns.

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