a surprise

Morrison has one last birthday present for me today, a SURPRISE, and he’s taking me somewhere? Or putting me somewhere? Or giving something to me? With him, or alone? Maybe not with Joe? I have no idea. He had me pack a bag last night, and also packed a bag for himself, but it MIGHT have been a decoy. This is all happening because I love surprises and have made this abundantly clear throughout our relationship. (Yes, I ASK him to surprise me, just ruminate on that.) But also I’m a control freak when it comes to planning and time management, so this is all the most thrilling, joyful nightmare. WHERE ARE WE GOING? WHEN ARE WE GOING? WILL I HAVE PACKED THE RIGHT THINGS?! I asked Morrison where we’re going, and he says it’s a surprise. I say, BUT WHERE and he says You’ll find out soon and I say WHEN and he says When you find out and I say BUT WHAT IS IT and he says The surprise is that Im never doing this again, because you are ridiculous.

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