a watch

There are just too many many things. Recently, I decided that I actually needed a Watch again, because sometimes I have my phone on me when I’m hanging with Joe so that I can check the time, but then what I end up checking are the vacation pictures of someone I haven’t talked to in 15 years, or shoes or towels or advice I do not need. I want to be more present with Joe, so I thought, maybe I’ll get a WATCH, remember watches? They go on your wrist. They tell you the time and they DON’T also tell you that you need to buy something, or make you wish you were somewhere else. But then there is Phone Watch, which tells you the time, but also tells you to stand, and tells you when your Mom wants to talk to you. You can use it to take pictures, but not read full emails? It’s half a phone, it keeps track of your heart if you ask it too. I ordered myself one and yesterday, I strapped it to my wrist it felt like 100 pounds of questions and FOMO and un-returned messages and thought, I felt like I was succumbing to something. How did I go from wanting something simpler to wearing a thing that I can use to order paper towels, that will track my oxygen levels? I want tie a sun dial to my wrist in protest. Can I just have a watch that just tells time? Or will I be left behind? IS THIS 40? THIS IS 40

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