Today on we should all be more like Toddlers, whenever Joe is finished with something, a book or a snack or an activity he just shouts ALL DONE then gets up and walks away to whatever he feels like doing next. He doesn’t sit there stewing in the decision, he doesn’t wonder if he might miss out on something if he left, if he’s leaving too soon, he has no FOMO or regret. What if we just stood up from jobs or relationships or dynamics that weren’t serving us or were no longer stimulating us, what if we looked into the eye of our bully or oppressor, whoever or whatever was taking advantage of us and said with great clarity, ALL DONE! and just left? No explanation, no hemming, no hawing. ALL DONE, he declares with a confidence that will dwindle, probably, the older he gets, as the world seeps in. We spend a few moments with our faces really close, inspecting each other’s noses, it’s tender and intimate. ALL DONE, he suddenly says, removing himself from me to go find whatever’s next, a thing that will also eventually be Done.

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