don’t shoot

Bless the people who get up in arms, all puns intended, about things that don’t directly affect them, they are better humans than me, but I tend to really get angry and concerned about something when I see the thing encroaching upon the illusion of my safe and happy world. So now that I’m a Mother, the most recent school shooting makes me want to vomit and scream and give all my money to gun control lobbyists and storm the streets screaming POOR MENTAL HEALTH IS A CAUSE BUT IT CAN’T BE POLICED OR TRACED, YOU CANNOT BUY OR SELL MENTAL POOR HEALTH, LET’S RESTRICT WHAT WE CAN SEE, AND TOUCH. The answer, dear people in power, is probably in the Middle, it always is, but the absolute LAST thing you should be doing IS LITERALLY NOTHING.

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