This is the End

This is Us’s FINAL EPISODE EVER airs tonight, and I’m swarmed with memories and feelings. I spent three years on the show, I got married and made life long friends and drank ten thousand cans of La Croix, I lost a pregnancy and broke 54 episodes, I wrote 6, I spent hours on set and learned how to give notes to editors and how to think like a DP. We remembered each other’s birthdays and sometimes showed up to work in the same clothes. Our sharpies ran dry and we ran out of Kate cards. We won awards but not all of them, we stayed late to fix Kevin. We were LUCKY to get to work on something so Good. I was so lucky, in that specific way that you don’t realize until much later. Watching the last few episodes, I see little remnants of things that I contributed while I was there, and I still feel a part of it. That’s what it was, ultimately, and that’s what it always is: being a part of something that will Last.

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