The Notebook musical was first scheduled to open at Chicago Shakespeare Theater ON JOE’S DUE DATE, which would have been all kinds of complicated and hilarious. Covid then pushed it to Jan /Feb 2022, when I was also technically in Maryland working on A.D. 16, which would have had me bouncing back and forth between Chicago and DC, and it was, you know, Winter and more Covid in Chicago, so when it was pushed again, it was (at least for me) also sort of meant to be. And now, it’s actually really real, This Fall, Sept 6-Oct 16, Tickets here. As a human truffle pig for Meaning, I believe that things happen how and when they’re supposed to, so I really can’t wait to actually, finally get to STAGE AND MOUNT THIS SHOW, and see what’s really there. It’s not the end, but the beginning of a Middle.

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