Last night Morrison and I watched CODA, which he had yet to see. I watched it basically the MILLISECOND it dropped on Apple TV, as I worked with Marlee years ago on Switched at Birth and have a vested interest in and deep curiosity about all things Deaf Community. Of course since I first saw it, it has won all of the awards, including Oscar for Best Picture, because it’s stunning. Weirdly I tend to not re-watch things, unless it’s Father of the Bride, it’s a Wonderful Life, or the Sound of Music. And Cars, which I have now seen 47 times (and I cry when the cut to the past, when Route 66 was bypassed? Every time?) Every other movie, I have seen maybe once. As a frantic multi-tasker, I guess it’s felt like a waste of time. Why watch a thing I’ve seen, when I could watch that other thing I’m supposed to have seen? But I am so incredibly wrong. Why would I eat the same sandwich over and over, but not give a beautiful movie multiple chances to take me away? The fact that you know what’s coming, you know how it’s going to feel, what they’re going to say, how much you’re going to laugh or cry or hmmm, only makes it better. I officially quit life to rewatch everything. Up and Chocolat, Room and Life is Beautiful, Walk the Line, Shawshank, Truman Show, Sister Act Birdcage Big, Edward Scissorhands, you can find me in Premium Economy, the best parts of a little cheese plate on my lap, leaning in.

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