Light Week

It’s been a Light Week for me work wise, by which I mean I’ve been zooming into A.D. 16 rehearsals, tweaking those scenes, getting notes on and and rewriting a series format for one of my pilots, and taking meetings. I list these things not to Horn Toot but to remind myself that I am actually doing plenty of things. But whenever I have a Light work week, I feel haunted by Time, by the All of it, by All I should be doing. Inactivity stresses me out. Crazy work weeks also stress me out, but I feel at Home in those weeks, they’re a mess but I know where everything is, there’s the thrill of too much and getting it all done. When will I learn to stop at the box of free Meyer Lemons in front of the neighbors house, take a few, explain to Joe what a lemon is, and let that be the Day? When does Light become just enough?

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