do you date the muffin man

Joe, on All Future Dates:

Joe: So like, what do you do for fun?

Person: Oh, I like to travel, I like to read, I LOVE animals —

Joe: Do you Bake?

Person: Oh. Not really! (anxious date laugh)

Joe: So you would never, for example, bake me fresh muffins bursting with seasonal fruits every week so that every day of my life I might not just feel your love, but also taste it? (anxious date laugh)

Person: Oh! Probably not. Did someone — actually do that for you?

Joe: (reverently) My Mom.

Person: that kind of sounds like. A lot.

Joe: Oh, she is. So, no baking? Not even like. A bar?

Person: Nope! But I do have other gifts — wait, where’re you going?

Joe: (running towards nearest exit): THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME, BYE!

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