in a Time where there is Time

In a different Time when I have Time because there’s more of it — when Joe is in college? when I retire? when I’m dead? — I would like to learn how to arrange flowers beyond clipping them, emptying out the little packet into a vase and shoving the flowers into its neck. I want to understand how different flowers belong at different levels and different colors belong at different Times and Years, I want to know what I’m doing and grow Time, and Thyme in my yard. I also want there to be a very busy florist Mother somewhere who’s right now thinking to herself, I want to write something someday, someday when there’s Time or Thyme I want to write a play. I want to trade her Computer for Scissors and Twine, I want us to not need Time, but instead to just like simply BREATHE our skills into each other, then takes them back to Ourselves.

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