Oh, (Vintage Ceramic) Christmas Tree (nightlight)

The world is so much right now that I go through phases where I want to get all of my hard-hitting news from Southern Living magazine, I only want to know about where Sorghum molasses comes from and what shape biscuit cutter I need. Most recent headline: THESE CERAMIC CHRISTMAS TREE NIGHT LIGHTS ARE BACK. We had one growing up, and I never knew they were a ‘thing.’ But my Brothers and I would fight — literally fight — over who got to have it in their room. I feel like sometimes the fights got so bad that the gorgeous thing would just end up in the Living Room. But if it was in YOUR room, if you were that lucky, you got to fall asleep to its glow, tucked inside sheets of the Actual magic of being a kid at Christmas time. Apparently only a few companies made them in the 70’s, with molds that have since been discontinued. Now, of course, every Target and Wayfair and Overstock and Jeff Bezos is making them anew. But I want an old one. I want a real one. They’re apparently very hard to find. I could of course wait and inherit the one my parents still have, but they’re going to live forever, so I’ll just have to find one of my own. SANTA, CAN U HEAR ME? DO U EVEN VINTAGE SHOP?

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