both sides, now

A letter to Texas Legislators, and to our Supreme Court:

[Maybe less of a letter, more of a scream?]

There are good people on both sides of this divide. There always are. That being said: I’ve been pregnant many times. I’ve been on both sides of this. I’ve been pregnant when I don’t want to be, I’ve been pregnant when I’m desperate to be. I’ve prayed for a heartbeat, I’ve dreaded a heartbeat, I’ve watched one flicker away. I’ve worried and hoped and puked. 4 weeks pregnant, 6 weeks pregnant, 9 weeks, 12 weeks. It’s terrifying, exhausting, confusing, exhilarating, it’s joyful and fragile, it’s empowering and deeply private. It’s a million massive feelings, colliding. But what it is not, what it is absolutely NOT, is ANYONE’S BUSINESS BUT MINE. END OF SENTENCE, THE FULLEST OF COMPLETE STOPS.

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