Every now and then Joe will sort of not be himself, and will drool a lot and hum in a concerned sort of way, and go AHHHHH! at the throw pillows but then be laughing the next minute, and we’ll realize, oh, that was a tooth. He doesn’t seem to dwell or let it overwhelm him. Is this in fact his Character emerging, or is it my Mother brain inventing things? It seems like every baby withstands the pain of teething differently. But it’s the same with grown humans. For example, when I am in pain, I need everyone to know. If I were teething I would be moaning MY MOUTH! OH, MY MOUTHHHHHH and writing poems about it and finding metaphors for it. I’m hoping Joe has gotten his Dad’s pain threshold, which is more like, interesting. That hurts. That’s pretty annoying. I think I’ll acknowledge it, pop a Tyl, then move onto the next thing because there’s no point in dwelling on it OH LOOK, CHEESE!

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