you had to be there

Today, on how Babies are like Sunsets: pictures don’t capture them. You see the sunset, it’s striking, you scramble for your phone, take a picture, then look at the picture you took, and something magic that you’ve seen with your eye just isn’t there. You later show the picture to someone, and the someone replies, huh, yeah, that’s a cool sunset but then you INSIST: the picture doesn’t capture it, you don’t understand, it was stunning, it was the best thing I’ve ever seen, it made me feel like I’d always been alive and like I would live forever, look again, do you see it now? DO YOU? LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL BABY, WHOSE EYES CONTAIN THE FUTURE. But to the someone, it’s just a picture of a sunset, or a Baby, it’s a screensaver, it’s a stock image photo. But to you, it’s everything. Just like a sunset, it’s best to not TRY and get a picture of the baby, but instead just to sit there and look them, get your feet stuck in the corners of their smile, fall into the hole of their yawn, let it be an image that only you will ever see.

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