For obvious reasons, I have never been more invested in a vice presidential candidate. And I truly hear and appreciate the women and black and brown humans that are not wanting to just settle for or be abated by the symbolism of her being ‘the first.’ And personally, as more of a moderate progressive, I’m into her values, and (as a person who has never had to form or institute a single policy in my life) I support more moderate, gradual change than high-reaching, sweeping changes. But I just want to take a MO(MOLA) and acknowledge the hilarious thing happening in my head right now. For years liberals criticized Bush and those who elected him, accusing the voting public of just wanting to elect someone ‘they could get a beer with.’ I would just like to confess that LITERALLY THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Just this morning, I read that Kamala has very good taste in wine, so maybe I want to meet her for a drink in a wine bar and COULD SHE PLEASE WEAR THE RAINBOW JACKET, THAT WOULD BE GREAT, KAMALA WOULD YOU LIKE SOME MARCONA ALMONDS WITH ALL OF MY VOTES?!

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