Morrison’s mom made us these amazing receiving blankets, and like anything one might want to get in the mail from a family member, THEY HAVE A STORY. When Cam was pregnant with her first kid, she searched store after store for a very specific kind of a blanket to wrap her baby in. (Before Amazon and Internet and Pandemic Internet, people used to ‘go to stores’ and ‘look for things.’) She knew it needed to be flannel, with stitched edges, as her own Mother had used, but she couldn’t find them anywhere. She told her Mother this, who of course revealed that these special magic blankets don’t exist in any store, because she’d been making them all along. THUS BEGAN A TRADITION: Cam’s mom’s made the blankets for her grandkids, and now Cam does the same for hers. What I specifically love about this story, other than Everything, is the fact that we all have something that our Mother used or did exactly right, a certain kind of pillow or spoon or the fact that she puts all of the empty eggshells back in the carton. And when we enter the world as adults, we are so confused when everyone else doesn’t have this best spoon or hasn’t figured out that obviously when you microwave something it’s called Nuking it. So we pick and choose little things to keep alive from our own Mothers, pulled to certain words and Whisks, and these things become traditions, these little family nuances passed down, and because of this, Mothers never, ever die.

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