2020 is a dumpster fire of disease, social unrest and political tomfoolery BUT IT’S NOT ALL BAD, and I will continue to find and celebrate what is not in a trash can, engulfed in flames. Like the fact that these refrigerators full of free food are popping up all over LA!

Small businesses donate electricity and allow the fridges to be hooked up outside, then volunteers fill the fridges with food leftover from meal services, restaurants, private gardens, etc. And people who need food, who are often undocumented so are afraid to go to food banks, can just help themselves. And dignity and some normalcy are restored, as it’s just opening a fridge, reaching in for food, as anyone would do in their home. I encourage all 23.5 of you reading this to look to your own neighborhoods and see the ways in which your small part of the world is NOT garbage that has combusted, and CELEBRATE WHAT YOU SEE.

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