Lately my dreams seem to be prepping me for the fourth trimester, dropping me into odd moments where I’m exhausted and screaming to the point of tears. The other night, Julien and I were traveling somewhere, but crying children kept waking us up, so during the day I kept screaming at my Julien over nothing, like napkins?, then immediately feeling terrible after, hugging her and crying and apologizing, which definitely sound like a loop I will find myself trapped in. Then last night I was at my parents’ house, and it was early, and all I needed was a cup of coffee. And my Mom brewed a pot, but when she handed it to me a cup, it was just dark hot water with quinoa floating in it. I bellowed, I literally bellowed, THIS IS NOT COFFEE!!! Then tore out of the house into the street, where a construction site run by toddlers with cool piercings and thumb rings trapped me in a coffee-less maze. I desperately asked one of the toddlers where I could find coffee. She shrugged, said she wasn’t sure, twisted her pure gold thumb ring around her tiny finger, and started telling me about the last book she read, which was a very important book that I should really Read, were I to find Coffee, or Time.

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