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I spent a great deal of my 20’s saying to myself ‘I’m not a political person’ and ‘I care about people, not politics,’ but I was not to be trusted as I wore 5 dollar sweat pant skirts from Walmart like, most days. Then at some point this became a lazy thing for me to say, and it became pretty essential for me to become a political person, which I now am, or least, more than I ever have been. But I want to poke at this word Politics for a minute. I’m pretty sure it’s Greek for ‘that which divides‘ or ‘when people scream instead of Hear.’ I try hard to not think of social issues in terms of which side I’m on (and of course this is hard, at times.) Honestly I can’t believe that we even have to be associated with a ‘side’ when we are just trying to be good human beings. For me it’s more about empathy. If I come down on a ‘side’ of a social issue it’s because of how I feel when I put myself in the shoes of the afflicted group. Maybe what I said in my 20s is still kind of true? Maybe I am not a political person, maybe I just care about people? Can there be a new party, which is Empath? CAN THE MASCOT BE A BABY HEDGEHOG WITH OPEN AND LEARNING EYES?

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