Bye Bye Babymoon

We have officially cancelled our Babymoon and YES there are much much sadder things and YES I will still take a moment to be bummed about this. We took a trip to Kauai Spring 2018, a few months after our first miscarriage, and I fell in love, I mean really, how could you not? You feel so Away, and yet so close to home, and so relaxed by the natural beauty. The trip was littered with beautiful pregnant jerks in sundresses sipping mocktails while their partners went to fetch them club sandwiches. I wanted to be one of those jerks. As a dangle-carrot, I told myself, we will be back, it will be for our Babymoon, it will happen. I wanted us to commemorate and celebrate that fact that we’d made it through the shit. So when I was worry-puking my way through the first trimester, we booked it. I needed to tell myself that we would get there. But the operative word in this Pinterest phrase Babymoon is BABY. He is the gift and the goal. And what IS a hashtag Babymoon, if not a chance to spend quality time together before the baby comes? ERGO, HAVE MORRISON AND I NOT BEEN BASICALLY ON OUR BABYMOON FOR THE LAST SEVEN WEEKS? And won’t we continue to be on this babymoon for many more months, staring at each other’s faces until our faces morph into other faces, and then we have to get to know each other’s other face? BABYMOON

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