I smell

This is my scent: Le Labo Noir 29. Full disclosure, a few years ago, I smelled it on Mandy Moore as she glided by on her way to set (famous women: they oft glide) and I was like a cartoon dog picked up by a bacon smell, but MID 30’s WOMAN AND THE SCENT WAS FRESH HOTEL BED IN ROOM FILLED WITH EXOTIC FLOWERS. A few months later, fate pushed me into a Le Labo store, and I smelt it, bought it, and have been wearing it ever sense, mostly so that when I receive compliments, I can say to people ‘I SMELLED IT ON MANDY MOORE AND THEN I BOUGHT IT’ just so that I can REALLY lead with the fact that when I smell or look nice, it’s one hundred percent because I copied someone, which I guess is true for all of us? But I haven’t put it on in weeks. Months? Minutes? Until this morning, I remembered it, considered putting it on, but then thought, what’s the point? If Mandy Moore’s perfume falls in a forest and no one smells it, did it even smell? But then I realized: it’s okay, perhaps more than okay, to smell nice just for yourself, just as it’s okay to do things that are literally only for you. OFF TO SMELL MYSELF, BYEEEEEEEEEEE

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