Our friends Dylan and Heather were supposed to get married last weekend, but then you know, there was a global pandemic so it was maybe not a good idea for 150 ppl to shove into a theater and share kisses and glasses and forks, and so INSTEAD: they safely wed in their best friend’s backyard, six feet apart from everyone but each other. Guests streamed in from all over the world, as far as China and Australia, and greeted each other in the chat room before we were let into the event:

A friend on a guitar played music NEAR them:

They facetimed their Mothers in for readings, exchanged vows, were declared MARRIED, then shared a toast with all of us watching. Guests were encouraged to get super dressed up, because why not, and send pictures of themselves for the album, and we all scream-typed along with each moment in the chat part.

It was not only a testament to the resilience of the love between these two wonderful weirdos, but also just love, in general. If you’re currently wondering what the hell to do about your own wedding, I offer all this as inspiration. COPY HEATHER AND DYLAN! Literally anything is possible with love AND ALSO I GUESS A DECENT WI FI CONNECTION.

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