the Avocado within

I don’t even know how to feel about this virus, anymore. Yes, I am a pregnant person during a pandemic, but I truly wasn’t panicking, as typically I prefer to panic about things like plane crashes and earthquakes, things that happen when you least expect them. Getting sick has never been high on my list of Worry. But then I started to get message after message from friend after friend, thinking of you. You must be freaking out. Hope you’re okay. And then the world sort of shut down? And then I found myself on the floor of a sparsely attended apocalypse pre-natal yoga class, thinking, we all have people inside of us. Morrison and I are hunkering down for a bit, just to be safe, and to be socially responsible, but I’m trying to focus on this good news: THE BOY IS AN AVOCADO, he is safe deep inside, he knows nothing of this virus, his world is soft and warm, he is okay, WAIT MORRISON PUT AVOCADO ON THE APOCALIST*


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