When the Broadway league announced that all shows were being cancelled through April 12, it was particularly arresting because A.) I am a theater person and thus obsessed with myself / my own community, but in a selfless and charming and giving way and B.) Theater people are so RESILIENT, like we will do our plays anywhere, and the show will ALWAYS go on, ie a friend of mine just did her one woman show in the sewers of London, with rats as as patrons. I feel so terrible for the actor who has worked for years for the part of a lifetime, who now won’t go on, for the playwright who has finally gotten a theater’s attention, after years of feeling unseen and unheard, whose play is now cancelled, for the theater company who has managed to keep their head above water, miraculously, who will now lose their year’s operating budget. But I’ve seen Sarah Ruhl call on playwrights to write poems instead, I’ve seen artistic directors organize online monologue performances, I’ve seen playwrights offer free online classes for writers who are stuck at home, so obviously, HI WE ARE GOING NOWHERE. But if you had tickets to something, and the $ makes little difference to you — please give it back to this Monster that feeds so many.

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