Mercy; Comfort

Like an apocalypse mouse hunting for tiny pieces of old ‘toast’ even though ‘toast’ is not a thing anymore but still I want this memory of ‘toast’, I wake up each morning searching corners of the internet for good news. THIS MORNING: The Pentagon is preparing to send two Navy Hospital Ships to dock in New York to assist with virus victims. THE NAMES OF THE SHIPS ARE MERCY AND COMFORT. Both of my Grandfathers and my Dad served in the Navy, which makes me feel of course PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR AND CONNECTED TO these ships and their uplifting names. New York, please enjoy your Mercy, and your Comfort. I hope they provide some relief, like maybe even looking at them will bring some calm. ALSO IF SOME WORKING FROM HOME PANTSLESS TV WRITER IS NOT CURRENTLY DEVELOPING A PITCH FOR A NETWORK ONE HOUR DRAMA CALLED ‘HOSPITAL SHIP’ THEN WHAT ARE WE EVEN DOING WITH OUR LIVES?

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