Last night, I met THE VERY PERSON WHO TAUGHT ME HOW TO ACCESS MY FEELINGS, and that feelings caused by heartbreak are creative fuel, and that having them is powerful and sexy and important, by which I mean ALANIS FREAKING MORISSETTE. Turns out she is not just a genius lion fairy, but she is also an actual lovely grounded human being in the world with things like friends and plans, and she came to see the play. After a few hugs, I think I did something akin to earnestly grabbing her by the shoulders, and said something like you are so important to me and then I think maybe we hugged again.  I’m spending all driving and downtown today re-listening to Jagged Little Pill in her honor, remembering exactly what it felt like to sing-cry her lyrics to the Gavin Rossdale collage in my room. CAUSE I’VE GOT ONE HAND IN MY POCKET / AND THE OTHER IS DOCUMENTING THIS MAJOR LIFE MOMENT SO THAT I MIGHT NEVER FORGET IT / LIKE I COULD EVEN

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