Last night while writing, I realized a HORRIBLE THING I DO WHILE WRITING LIKE SO BAD AND IT’S NOT EVEN HEROIN. I oftentimes keep a google window open and, sort of subconsciously, I am constantly looking up facts / quotes / etc to support what I’m writing. This is is seemingly harmless — and yes the internet gives us access to all of the information and therefore the “truth”  — but INSTEAD OF DIGGING INTO MY OWN BRAIN AND THINKING MY OWN THOUGHTS, I AM REGURGITATING THOUGHTS FROM THE INTERNET. The scenes then become driven by fact instead of emotion, and the moment a play leans away from feeling toward fact is the very moment it DIES. A play should be felt and then later fixed with fact. I hereby declare that I will henceforward write without internet, save the occasional break for Drunk girls being surprised for puppies, then of course back to work and thenmaybepuppiesagain.

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