Writers, guess what’s not cool? Plagiarism. Guess what’s totally fine? PLAGIARIZING YOURSELF. It’s currently my favorite form of ‘writing,’ or writing, which is to say, blatantly robbing your past self of all her ideas.  I’m trying to rewrite a pilot with a very worn out brain and heart. I gotta get it done, though. Reading back through it, elements of the story reminded me of characters and themes I’ve previously explored in plays.  I am literally going back through these plays, and borrowing elements and characters from them to hopefully deepen and specify what I’m working on. Thing is, I think that they are characters / worlds that continue to befuddle and intrigue me. I’m not done writing them. And so, YOINK!  Some call it creatively lackadaisical, I call it finding your past self who was potentially sitting on gold but was too drunk on cheap Rose to know it and ROBBING HER FACE BLINDDDDDDD.

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