I took the morning to read and fully comprehend what the crap is going on with Greece’s economy. It’s too easy to ignore major things happening in the world. Sorry, world thing, you do not affect me directly, and if you do, it’s in a vague and far away  sort of way, and so I gotta take my limited world view and write that play / pay this bill / go to that thing / make this thing. Sure, the things that feel personal (NORTH CAROLINA SHARK ATTACKS! / STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS! / GLOBAL WARMING! / ANYTHING PLANE CRASH RELATED!) filter in, but otherwise, there’s this cushiony barrier between myself and a lot of what’s happening that I really do not like, that must be pushed through, especially when life, my immediate life, is safe and warm and great.

I couldn’t understand why the majority of Greeks voted no to the bailout, and what exactly was happening there, so I did some reading.  Basically imagine that scene from It’s a Wonderful Life in which the Savings and Loan gets stormed by panicked folk trying to withdraw their money and George Bailey has to stay all night calming their fears and they withdraw their life savings, ostensibly missing his honeymoon, and if you cannot imagine this scene, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE, RIGHT NOW. LEARN LIFE.  The Greeks are panicked, worn out, struggling with bad jobs, no jobs, low pay, ATM limits. And I get why they voted No:  pride. Potentially  fatal, sure, but I mean the good kind, the not taking the easy road kind, the self-sacrificing kind.  They’d rather go down with the ship than belong to someone else. Who knows what will happen next, but at least they belong to themselves. OXI!

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