Timbo’s genius response

I shared that sportspost with brother Tim, and asked him if he had anything to contribute, smack talk wise. His response:
I think that you’ve got a good start here, but you also need to think of some exclamations for when the Panthers aren’t sportsballing very well, so you can show how truly invested you are. It also shows how tuned in you are to the mechanics of the game; the art and the science, if you will. Try these out:

-“CATCH the ball, don’t DROP it!”

-“You guys need to start tackling the other guy with the ball before he can run very far!”

-“Sports harder!!”

-“Ugh, we are going to have to score more points than the other team if we are going to win this one…”

Also, don’t forget to show your disgust at every decision the referees make in favor of the other team:

-“I bet this guy is getting paid by Seattle!” (This one will spark some serious discussion, as no one will have ever considered this as even being an option)

Then, you can always just throw in some random “Ah, C’mon!”‘s, “GO…GO….GOOOOOO!”‘s and “Get it!!”‘s when lost and not sure what to do, but don’t want anyone else to know.

This should help. Take it from me. Sports is life, everything else is just details.

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