Say, are you a woman? Do you have a career? Do you sometimes feel really confident about said career, but then also sometimes feel sad and needy and insecure about your work but then suddenly feel good about it again, but then feel like a terrible person when you’re trying to be a good person, and then sometimes you feel like a good person,  but then oh wait, you suck? READ THIS BOOK AND RIDE THAT WAVE, GIRL. This woman is hilarious, humble, perceptive, and honest in a truly comforting way. She’s like Lena, but like, you know, a fully formed human being, and thus more relevant to us grown-ish ups.

Things I learned from this  book:

– a touch of Ambivalence goes a long way. NOT apathy; ambivalence. (“Learn to let go of wanting it.” / “Your career will never marry you.”)

– success really never happens over night.

– Being occasionally self involved is an unfortunate part of Being Alive, and being an artist, but it does not make you a bad person. Curosity, empathy,  action.

– Our phones are trying to kill us. The Dalai Lama called it. “I think technology has really increased human ability. But technology cannot produce compassion.”

– I want to have little boys, and when I do, it’s totally normal and fine if I have the impulse to marry them, or eat them.

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