Today on If I Could Turn back Time: Socrates. I don’t mean like I want to bounce back 24 hundred years, grab a toga and hang out / feed each other grapes. I mean high school, and what I was taught, or perhaps not taught, then. Lately in various pieces of news and radio bits, I keep hearing about the Socratic method being used in high school classrooms as a means of teaching: an emphasis being placed on debate and articulation of an idea. I really could’ve used that skill in my adult life, especially because I’m realizing more and more that so much of TV writing is critical thinking, questioning, friendly arguments. I instead spent most of high school, from what I recall, cramming my brain full of things and puking the things onto exams and into papers and forgetting them immediately. Woulda Shoulda Coulda. This being the ONLY REASON EVER I want to go back to high school, this and perhaps a good excuse to eat Chik Fila for lunch everyday, I think I’ll make peace with where and who I am and also this Time Machine is really expensive and basically just a bike.

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