I LOVE THE NORTH CAROLINA ACCENT.  The good thick ones are  like a towel just out of the dryer. Jogging by this happy family this morning, I wanted to stop time and just listen and write it all down, because one mom was telling another mom — in the most delicious of  accents — a long list of things that her kid won’t eat. ‘Peanut buhhhhtter, apples, toast, buhhhhhtter toast, cheese toast, just toast, banana, crehckers, cheese crehckers, noodles, tomatah noodles, buhhter noodles, I tried — Marcy I tried it ahhhllll. It AHLLL.’ and so on, and and so forth, so I just slowed, pretended to stretch, and creepily took a picture, like you shouldn’t, but like you do.

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