Behold: Oak Island at Sunset, few days post hurricane:

So, the Secret the movie takes place here,  where I am currently family reunioning, which, believe you me, is very much a verb. My relateds are concerned that the movie could bring too much attention to our Secret little island, though year after year, we find more and more evidence that apparently, the island does not belong to us. But also, when the movie gets made (note: if I will not say if, I will say when) the place will most likely be fictionalized.

Yesterday, my mom and I took the truck out and drove around and took pictures of various houses and stores that I had in mind when creating the various houses and stores in the movie.  We were determined, mildly suspicious, and forced to eat ice cream and fudge in each charming store we entered, you know, so as to not be rude. Here a few of my favorites AM I A PHOTOJOURNALIST NOW?

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