J’aime le Shuffle

I very much like to shuffle through my music because there’s stuff in there, oh man, is there some stuff in there that throws me back ten years to a walking up seventh avenue stepping over small rivers of pee and explaining to the boy I liked then, to the point of nausea,  what an iPod was, and putting a bud in his ear outside the bodega that sold expired granola bars and also dress shirts and playing a song for him,  in hopes that there was something in said song that linked us together, as if we were inevitable, and then playing it again to keep  him there for three more minutes, and then watching him head back uptown to wherever he was crashing,  and somehow knowing  that he was not going anywhere, at least not anywhere with me,  but that in four years I would be giving him my old contact lenses since he can’t afford them and needs to see and we will meet on the same street for the exchange and he will tell  me how very glad he is that we are friends.  This weekend I re-discovered that very  Slowreader song.  It is the sound of the very feeling of sitting on a couch in someone’s apartment, trying to think of something important to say.

Politics, Music and Drugs

curious of many things but too lazy to move
far enough to spread the wings i stuck on with old glue
if the cloud cover maintains it’s reign on summer
i’ll still shine pale white next to a tender tan
worn in place of the innocent girl
i hardly understand
perfect at most social gatherings of no more than ten
perfectly groomed people keeping tabs on what they spend
i don’t have many ways to tame the boring
but if you’d like to stay i’ll tell you all i know
about politics, music and drugs
and then it’s time to go
dear, i looked and looked for days but found
only arrows pointing straight between my ears
and i could almost say a sound
i’d rather sit and stare with you my dear

Give it a listen. Bekah’s Memories OUT!

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