Remember this image?! Remember the idea of the dunce? What if still, to this day, when someone was acting dumb we made them wear a funny hat. Relatedly – Accidentally reply-all-ing is the contemporary version of tripping and falling on your face in front of the whole school and revealing the skivies your Mom buys at woolworths. I just did it. Won’t be the first time, certainly won’t be the last. It usually happens these days, I think, when the email is actually coming from a group or listserv – so you don’t even have to select reply all for it to go to everyone – it just does. Evil. It’s funny, the embarrassment that you feel after – it’s just because you accidentally addressed the whole group in a casual/ personal way that you reserve for just ONE human being. End of the day: not that big of a deal. I see that Zach Galifianakis has signed on for a movie called Reply All, so I pretty much look forward to watching him scrambled around and steal cars and eat pigeons in attempts to retract an email.

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