A. That painting. No. NO! While I appreciate Renaissance art for its ladies with curves and guts, come on! They look miserable and constipated.  They are singing hymns, not passing stones. Geez.

B. I woke up this morning with my favorite Christmas hymn in my brain and in my mouth, but not in a gross way. Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel. It’s such a beautiful song. Sufjan has an especially grand version of it. I had to sing it in middle school in front of a chapel full of parents, like in front of a podium mike. I thought I would sing it for you,  in that way that I’m going to type it right now.

Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel. Who mourns in lonely exile here  – until the Son of God appears!

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come you, Oh Israel!

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