I has a child star!


Here is a sweet picture of Daniel Roche from BBC’s Outnumbered, in rehearsal for Miss Lilly. Um, look at that pudum. I will be squeezing his face and playing with his hair in NO TIME.

Um, that sounded strange. What I mean is: Lily tells me he is phenomonal – and I’m so stoked to actually see / hear an age appropriate actor in this role! I’ve had adults pretending to be 10, which has worked, but just isn’t the same.  Daniel plays Jordan, whose mother was recently killed by an elephant. Does he understand this loss, even? For his sake, I’m hoping not….but I am remembering a disturbing story about Shirley Temple…..and how, during one show when she had to cry, the director? Or her manager? right before she went onstage – TOLD HER THAT HER MOTHER WAS DEAD. Hopefully, this is one of those lie-tales. I’m sure Lily will not be employing these tactics.

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