Not only is friend Sarah the drummer for Cudzoo, but she is also a NEUROSCIENTIST, which blows my mind. Sarah evaluates patients and diagnosises them with bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, brain tumors, etc…..she also adminsters tests WHILE THE PATIENT IS BEING BRAIN OPERATED ON to determine where memory / language etc are stored in the person’s brain. I spent some time pre-SATC2 bombarding her with questions, as they more I talked to her, the more I realized that her line of work was kind of brilliantly linked to mine. I told her about Billy Maxwell, she gave theories. Most mind-blowingly, I mentioned that I was left-handed, as is brother Pete….also mentioned that Pete had epilepsy when he was wee. I will never be able to properly explain what she said, but, basically: left hand-ed-ers have different brains. And this difference is interpreted, well, differently, in guys and girls. So: where my ‘difference’ became creativity, Pete’s became epilepsy. WHAT??!!!! I am certainly keeping this cute little neuroscientist around, for theatrical world domination. And wigs.

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